The Kuykendall Family- Ryeley, Bayley, Casey, Darlene, Jaymey & Barry
Barry, Jaymey, Casey & Darlene Kuykendall
On July 27, 2013, The Kuykendall Family completed the 5k Warrior Dash Mud Run.  The race was a very challenging obstacle course that goes over, under and through mud.  As Darlene exclaimed, "Did I mention MUD!"  There were over 23,000 participants and  Bayley placed 5th and Jaymey 15th overall!  Casey finished strong as did Mom and Dad, and Ryeley captured it all as the family photographer.  The family dedicated their heat to Quincy and wore tee-shirts with her picture and her wish that "all kids with cancer could be all better."  "It was a family event in memory of Quin and we all had a really great time!", said Darlene.


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